NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1750 Smart Dual Band WiFi Router (R6700) Review

Hardcore gamers know the value of millisecond when it comes to pure gaming experience. And for those who crave for reliable and intense delivery of pure raw performance, the NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1750 Smart Dual Band WiFi Router should be the first thing that comes to mind.NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1750

I’d say why not? This WiFi router can deliver data speed of up to 1750Mbps. If that does not ring any bell, the typical router can only go as much as around 300Mbps to 800Mbps. And the NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1750 Smart Dual Band WiFi Router can do more than double that speed. That’s only the tip of the iceberg. The bottom-line is that this router is not your average high-performance router. It is the one that will suffice the needs of even the most extreme gamers of today.

NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1750 SpecificationsNETGEAR Nighthawk AC1750 Specifications


AC1750 WiFi

That means it can deliver an outstanding speed of data stream to your wireless device. From 450 up to 1300Mbps, you cannot go wrong with this one.

Dual-core Processor

The dual-core processor can help boost performance when handling multiple data streams to different connected devices. All without any loss down the processes.

Advanced QoS

Latest technology on Quality of Service brings zero lags to gamers while others download and stream media contents.

USB 3.0

This is for all your media devices that you want to share via the network portal. And because it is USB 3.0, it delivers 10 times faster access from any devices connected to the network.

High Powered Antennas

For building structures and houses built with many obstructions, this router can still broadcast unwavering data signal. The antennas also act as an amplifier for farther reach and lossless data stream even across the next room.

Intelligent Router

The NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1750 Smart Dual Band WiFi Router comes with not only an advanced QoS but also an ability to distribute Airtime Fairness across the whole network. That means even the low-end and weaker devices can still benefit and keep up amidst the number of connected devices in the network.

Access Control and Parental Control

The access control when enabled gives you more security even when other people know your WiFi password. It will only gain access once you gave it permission within the NETGEAR interface. The Parental Control gives you the ability to allow and disallow any site that is not appropriate for your kids and younger users connected to your WiFi. You can change the access control of your router by logging at


As for true gamer, NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band gaming router is not to be missed and not by a long shot. The NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1750 Smart Dual Band WiFi Router can be considered as one of the essentials of any gaming rig. If you have the budget to afford this beastly thing, do not doubt your decision. This is worth every penny. This is as high-end as it is reliable by any gaming standard.

This router is rich in features that are vital for those online gamers that want nothing more than being the best. If lag is the enemy that hinders anyone to enjoy the pure pleasure of true gaming experience, then the NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1750 Smart Dual Band WiFi Router is the friend that you deserve.

Do you have any questions regarding the NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1750 Smart Dual Band WiFi Router? If you do, feel free to leave your message in the comment section. We will try to answer them all as soon as we can. And don’t forget to share this to your social media network so that other people will know about this gaming router. – How to Solve Problems Related to Login

The IP address that we generally use for the router that we use in our house is This is the default gateway to the router that we use. The IP address can be different according to the maker of the router.

The nature of IP address router login

The IP address is a private nature of network address which we generally use for our home computers. The nature of this IP address is IPv4 default network address. It may so happen that you are facing problem relating to the internet connection that you are using then you can use this private IPv4 address for the computer that you are using.

Solve problems relating to Router Admin login Password

There may be various reasons due to which you are unable to login to the router that you are using. Let us see the reasons first.

  • You may be typing the wrong address in the address bar. Like in place of you may be typing So try typing the address properly.
  • It may also be the case that your router is not powered and you are trying to access it.
  • It may be also for the firewall that your computer is using. If the firewall is strong then it will not allow you to access the router.
  • The other reason may be a wrong cable connection which is not allowing getting access to the router.

Now as we know the problems let us see how we can solve the problems and get access to the router that we are using.

  • You need to open the CMD and type ipconfig or you can use the command prompt ping If you see that you are unable to access the router by using this method then you must disable your computer’s firewall for some time.
  • If you then type the command DOS, this will enable you to detect any nature of the problem that you have with your network and the speed that you having in your internet.
  • You need to open the CMD and type ping and if the result is requested time out then there must be some connectivity problem with the router.

Setting the router configuration

As you have solved the problems that you have it is time to configure the router. For doing so you need to type in the address bar of any web browser that you are using. It will lead you to the login page where you have to use the username and password. The setup wizard will pop up and you can set up your router accordingly. It is mandatory that you change your username and password from the default to the one that you choose to be the one. This will provide you the necessary security to the router so that no one else can log in and use that router and the internet connection that you are having.

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