Download BlueStacks Offline Installer for Windows 10/7/8.1

Here I have shared the link to download bluestacks offline installer for Windows PC for Free of cost. Also, I have Talked a hell lot about the BlueStacks company in this post, hope you like it.

There are mainly two terms being used to define Bluestack specialty that BlueStack is a software company that produces the Bluestacks App Player and GamePop. So anyone thinks about this App Player and Game Top, What are these things?

Bluestack App Player is a set of the application by which you can enhance your Android Operating System without facing any hindrance. BlueStacks App Player for Windows 8 is a fantastic tool that provides real-world possibilities to any user of the new Microsoft operating system, in which you can use all Google Play applications, with all that they bring.

Download BlueStacks Offline Installer

File Size251 MB
RequirementWindows 7, 8.1, 10
DeveloperBlueStack Systems Inc. (

Download BlueStacks

You only need to install this software, and that’s all. After the installation of this app, you will be capable automatically of running and enhancing the other app which you want to use. For make use this app this program needs only Android Phone, after that you can associate with the program and synchronize all your applications and account data.

By the way, if you don’t have Android then no problem it will also support in standard smartphones. You just need to go its official website and click on download link. After downloading you will be able to use this software as you want.


GamePop was launched on May 9, 2013. Users receive over $250 worth of paid games with their subscription. It allows users to play as many as 500 mobile games on TV. The GamePop comes in two forms – Cube-like GamePop and the GamePop Mini with a more minimalist look

* The final version is about to come to market with its unique features with a small candy-bar type which plugs into USB for power, and HDMI to connect to your TV, with a special dongle for communicating with the controller unit. The GamePop plays its role very well to make this software successful.

Hope you will download bluestacks offline installer for Windows PC from here, thanks.

Download MX Player for Android, PC Windows Computer

Read this No-nonsense Guide about How to Download and Install MX Player on your Android and PC Windows Laptop computers for free of cost (+quickly).

Pretty much everyone nowadays has an Android smartphone or device. It’s very awesome that today all of us have the remarkable thing called the internet with us. Today’s children can’t even think the world without the web (yeah I’m talking about the whole internet). Because of the Internet, the Android smartphone had these awesome apps like MX Player.

We all love to consume media content on our devices and whenever it comes to playing and watching Video files in Android MX Player is my favorite. I’m sure that it’s your Favorite too, Well i think so (Even if it is not you should or must have tried to use MX Player once in your entire lifetime).

Anyhow if you have used MX Player before today then maybe i don’t need to sell you on this. Here i will directly jump into the main topic here, which is download MX Player for PC.

You can download mx player from here; This is the official mx player website link.

Well frankly speaking i am a kind of a person who sticks to something if he likes it. I am using MX Player on all my Android devices for a long time. I used to love using MX Player on my OnePlus X (yeah i own a OnePlus X) and suddenly today i come across a guide on a blog about how we can download and install the same MX Player on PC.

I followed that and successfully downloaded and installed MX Player on my PC. If you want you can check that article, i have linked it above this paragraph(Just Click on MX Player on PC hyperlink and it will take you to the guide).

Basically what this guide will show you is how you can quickly download BlueStacks and install it on your computer to run MX Player and other awesome android games on your PC. I hope you guys will find this article useful, Thanks for reading.

Download Pokémon GO Apk & Play Pokémon Go in India

Download Pokémon GO Apk & Play Pokémon Go in India: We all have loved watching Pokémon when we were kids and always fantasized about being Ash who goes around the world to catch Pokémons. Well, looks like the fantasy has almost been turned into a reality. The Pokémon Company and Niantic have launched a game called Pokémon Go which has got a mental response since its release in July.

It is basically an augmented reality game in which you have to walk around and collect all the pokémons there are. While walking around, you will bump into pokémons and to capture it, you need to throw a pokéball at it with a certain accuracy and power.

Pokémon was really popular back in the 90s. Every kid of that era was crazy about it. People used to collect cards, buy the pokémon clothes and toys and what not. Then, it was off the market in the late 90s. But the fans still collected everything they found related to pokémon and wished to have more of it.

Such huge popularity and fan following of Pokémon seems the only reason behind its big success. According to the stats, Pokémon Go left behind Twitter in terms of daily active users. Although the game right now is available in some countries only, it can easily be downloaded in apk format.

Download Pokemon Go Apk (File Source)

The company needs more time to make its server more stronger. That means it may take a few more weeks for it to be launched all over the world. But it can be downloaded in apk format. So, we are going to show you how you can do that.

Update: Pokemon Go Is Now Officially Available in India, you can download it from google play store.

Follow these simple steps to install Pokémon Go APK

  1. Open a browser on your phone and search for Download Pokémon Go APK.
  2. There will be many search results which will offer you to download Pokemon Go APK file for free. Go to one of those websites.
  3. In the website, you will see the information page of Pokemon Go app and there will be an option Download apk or Download Pokemon Go. Click on it.
  4. The apk file will be downloaded within a few seconds. When the download is complete, install the app.
  5. Enjoy playing Pokemon Go.

Note: Make sure that you either have a data connection or your phone is connected to the Wifi and the GPS of your phone is on.

Also Read: Download MX Player for your Windows PC and Laptop.


– Pokemon Go is basically an augmented reality game. It uses the GPS and a strong internet connection to process.

– GPS is used to find your exact location. By this, you will get pokemons according to your area. For example, if you go by a lake, you’ll most likely find the water Pokémons.

– The game has a Professor who is an instructor and helps you get a hint of the game along with all the necessary instructions. He is the one to give you your first pokémon when you start the game.

– You can also give your pokémons that you don’t need back to the professor and have rewards in return. Check: Download BlueStacks for Windows PC free.

– This game has as many as 151 original pokémons that were there in the very beginning. They can be evolved using various rewards.

– There are places called Gyms that are situated all around you. You can go to these places and fight with other users to earn rewards. These rewards help you upgrade your pokémons.

How to Extend Your WiFi Network With A Power Line Adapter

If you suffer from connectivity problems in your house or your office despite having a good Internet connection and an equally well performing WiFi router, one of the many problems you could be facing is the positioning of the router. If you just nodded your head in agreement, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we will be talking about how to fix your Internet connectivity problems by extending your WiFi network at your home or your office using power line adapters.

Useful Resource: Download BlueStacks For Windows PC Free 2016.

Setting Up The Adapters

As the name suggests, power line adapters are nothing but simple adapters that connect to the main modem at your place and help you extend your wired or even WiFi Internet connection depending on the model used. Most power line adapter kits include two adapters. One of these adapters plugs into your existing WiFi router or modem with the help of an Ethernet cable.

The second one would be placed in the area with poor WiFi reception of somewhere you want an extra port. By default, these two adapters function on their own WiFi network. This means that as soon as you walk away from the main WiFi router, you’ll have to switch the WiFi network from one of the main router to the one being broadcasted by this adapter. Something I agree upon is none of us here would want to do if we had the option to skip it, right? That is why you can change this to suit your need so you don’t have to switch WiFi networks every time.

Useful Resource: How To Delete The Windows.Old Folder Step-By-Step Guide.

TP-Link Powerline Adapters

TP-Link, one of the biggest names when it comes to WiFi routers also is a pioneer in the field of power line adapters. On a typical TP-Link power line adapter with WiFi capabilities, you can change the settings to switch the router to broadcast the same signal as your main WiFi router. To do that, just click on the “WPS” button on your router and the “WiFi Clone” button in the second adapter. This will clone the new WiFi signal that the adapter is broadcasting to the existing signal bring broadcast by the WiFi router.

However, this method may seem to fail in the first few attempts. No need to worry though, there’s another slightly lengthy but 100% fail proof way of doing the same thing. You’ll just need to head to the website for the technical support of your power line adapter’s maker and download the utility for your adapter.

Resource: How To Extend Your WiFi Network With A Power Line Adapter.

TP-Link Download Center

This will let you change the WiFi settings for your adapter. You can then change the WiFi name and password for the adapters WiFi signal. Not only that, you can also choose to skip the WiFi adapter signal and instead choose to broadcast the same signal that your WiFi router is using.

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So we hope you were able to extend the WiFi signal in your home or your workplace with this tutorial. Leave any queries or suggestions in the comments below and stay tuned to get more useful tutorials.