How to – How to Solve Problems Related to Login

The IP address that we generally use for the router that we use in our house is This is the default gateway to the router that we use. The IP address can be different according to the maker of the router.

The nature of IP address router login

The IP address is a private nature of network address which we generally use for our home computers. The nature of this IP address is IPv4 default network address. It may so happen that you are facing problem relating to the internet connection that you are using then you can use this private IPv4 address for the computer that you are using.

Solve problems relating to Router Admin login Password

There may be various reasons due to which you are unable to login to the router that you are using. Let us see the reasons first.

  • You may be typing the wrong address in the address bar. Like in place of you may be typing So try typing the address properly.
  • It may also be the case that your router is not powered and you are trying to access it.
  • It may be also for the firewall that your computer is using. If the firewall is strong then it will not allow you to access the router.
  • The other reason may be a wrong cable connection which is not allowing getting access to the router.

Now as we know the problems let us see how we can solve the problems and get access to the router that we are using.

  • You need to open the CMD and type ipconfig or you can use the command prompt ping If you see that you are unable to access the router by using this method then you must disable your computer’s firewall for some time.
  • If you then type the command DOS, this will enable you to detect any nature of the problem that you have with your network and the speed that you having in your internet.
  • You need to open the CMD and type ping and if the result is requested time out then there must be some connectivity problem with the router.

Setting the router configuration

As you have solved the problems that you have it is time to configure the router. For doing so you need to type in the address bar of any web browser that you are using. It will lead you to the login page where you have to use the username and password. The setup wizard will pop up and you can set up your router accordingly. It is mandatory that you change your username and password from the default to the one that you choose to be the one. This will provide you the necessary security to the router so that no one else can log in and use that router and the internet connection that you are having.

How to Enable/Disable Camera Quick Launch on Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge?

Now a days we are doing a great amount of our work on smartphones like paying our bills,booking movie tickets, shopping for almost everything, be it for packed food items or our smartphone itself. But one task that our smartphones are majorly being used for is to capture pictures. The reason why we are so used to clicking our pictures on our smartphone is that we have our smartphones with us all the time as they are very handy. So you can just take out your phone, open the camera app and start clicking. But sometimes, the moment you wish to capture has passed in the time you were unlocking your phone and opening the camera app.

To solve this problem Samsung has brought out the new feature of Camera Quick Launcher on their newest edition of devices that is the Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge. This Quick Launcher will let you open your smartphone’s home screen two times. If you are new to this feature and you want some basic details about this new feature on Samsung S6 & S6 Edge Camera here is what you will need to know about it.

What’s Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Camera Quick Launcher?

Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Camera Quick Launch let’s you launch the camera app quickly for any of the Smartphone owners by just tapping two times on the Home button. So that you won’t need to go on tapping into different app icons to open up your camera on your smartphone.

Here we will learn on how to enable and disable this Camera Quick Launch feature on your Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge you will need to follow the tips below.

Enable & Disable Camera Quick Launcher on Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge

Here are the tips you will need to follow to enable the Camera Quick Launcher on Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge.

Enable Camera Quick Launcher

First of all you will need to open your Settings menu on your Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge.
Now you will need to tap on the Applications option on your Phone.
Now under the Application Settings you will need to tap on Camera option.
Now scroll down menu and you will have to “Turn On” the Quick Launcher on your
Samsung device and the Camera Quick Launcher will be enabled.
Now this is first method by which you can enable the Camera Quick Launcher feature on your Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge but if you want more easy way then here is what you will have to do.
First you will have to launch your Camera app on your Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge.
Now you will need to tap on the Settings icon of your Camera App.
Now you can slide the Quick Launcher to Off.

Enable The QuickLaunch Feature
That’s all you will need to do to enable the Camera Quick Launcher on your Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge. As you can mistakenly launch your Camera app when you want to unlock your device so this quick launch of camera app is not suitable every time. So if you are facing the same problem here is the way to disable it.

Disable the Camera Quick Launcher

To disable the Camera quick launch you will need to follow the tips below.
First of all you will need to open your Settings on your Smartphone.
Now you will need to tap on the Application option of your Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Smartphone.
Now under the Application Settings you will need to tap on the Camera option.
Now scroll down the menu and you will need to Turn Off the Quick Launcher on your Samsung Device.

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Note: The above process is similar with the steps to enable the Camera Quick Launcher and the only difference is you will need to slide the Quick Launcher to Off rather than On.
Well that is all you will need to do, to enable and disable the Camera quick launcher on your Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

How To Detect Earthquakes using Your Mobile Phone?

Most of us here have had that moment when we wonder if it’s just us or the ground really is shaking. Well, not anymore as this article here is a tutorial on how to convert your Android phone, iPhone and iPad into a seismometer. For those of us here who don’t know, a seismometer is a device used to measure the seismic activity of earth or simply earthquakes. A seismometer records the shaking of the earth on a graph which looks something like this.

Detect Earthquakes On Smartphone Or Tablet


Now you don’t have to download any app or do something with your device’s settings to be able to turn your device into a seismograph. All you have to do is click on this link. Now be sure to open this link in either Google Chrome browser or Safari browser. You will then see a continuous moving line on a screen or a seismograph. As you shake or turn your device, you will see the line turning into a graph, exactly like the seismograph for an earthquake. You will also notice that as you vary the intensity of shaking your phone or tablet, the graph will also vary. Higher I intensity of shaking wok give rise to higher troughs and crests while shaking the phone with less intensity will give rise to a graph with troughs and crests near the mid line.

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Wondering how did your phone do this? Most smartphones and tablets these days come equipped with accelerometers and gyroscopes that sense any movement of your device. These sensors are made to measure the intensity of the physical device. Accelerometer measures the intensity of the magnitude of the acceleration with which the device was moved while a gyroscope measures the direction in which the device was moved or accelerated. These two sensors together help plot the seismograph.



This data is then fed into the HTML5 Device Orientation and Device Motion events of the browser, thanks to the link you clicked on. The above mentioned method works just fine on any smartphone, provided they are equipped with an accelerometer and a gyroscope. You can also use this method on your laptop by activating the accelerometer by opening Chrome Developer Settings and heading to Sensor settings. You can open the Developer Options by opening a Chrome window and pressing the “Shift + Ctrl + I” keys at the same time.

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So the next time you feel like the ground is shaking, just head to and place your phone or tablet or laptop flat on a table.

We hope the above tutorial proved helpful to you. Leave any queries or suggestions in the comments below and stay connected for more articles and tutorials.

How to Delete the Windows.Old Folder Step-by-Step Guide?

If you have been using windows since quite a bit of time, and have got updates fetched to you, you might be knowing about the ‘Windows.old’ folder. When you update a windows, the windows does keep an older version of the windows in the drive, named as ‘Windows.Old’.

What is Windows.Old Folder?

The Windows.old folder is huge.

Windows.old folder is basically o folder that you will find in your C Drive, or in the drive where the previous version of the windows was installed. It covers up a large amount of the disk space, and most likely you would never use it. But you might be thinking that if it is never used, why does the windows.old folder exists? Well read, keep reading on.

It is basically done so that, the user can restore the previous version of the windows, any time they need. But since it keeps an option to retrieve the previous version of the windows, the folder is quite heavy. And when one comes close to exhausting the disk space, the best option one thinks of is to clean the previous version of backup of windows. So by deleting the ‘Windows.old’ folder, once can free up decent amount of disk space. But it is not easy as it seems. When you try to delete the folder, the windows shows you an error, that you do not have the system access to do so. So here in this post we will have a look that how can we easily delete the ‘Windows.Old’ folder, which is a really simple process and won’t even take you more that 10-15 minutes to do so.

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Procedure to Delete the Windows.Old Folder


So let us begin with the procedure, and below are the steps that you need to follow so as to delete the Windows.Old folder easily without any errors, that you would face otherwise, if you try to delete it using the regular method.

Now type in the Windows search box, ‘Disk Cleanup’
A window named as Disk Cleanup would open up which would have many options.
Then click on ‘Cleanup System Files’.
Then give some time the tool to fetch the various system files that it can allow you to cleanup.
And then when the list appears, choose “Previous Windows installation(s).”
After selecting the above mentioned option, click on ‘OK’ to start the procedure.
After that the tool will begin the procedure and notify you when the process is complete.

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After the process is complete, restart the system, and it would be as good as before. This is how you can easily free up the disk space on the windows drive, by deleting the windows.old folder If you have any queries, or questions, do reach out to us by commenting below, and our team would get back to you as soon as possible.

How to Extend Your WiFi Network With A Power Line Adapter

If you suffer from connectivity problems in your house or your office despite having a good Internet connection and an equally well performing WiFi router, one of the many problems you could be facing is the positioning of the router. If you just nodded your head in agreement, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we will be talking about how to fix your Internet connectivity problems by extending your WiFi network at your home or your office using power line adapters.

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Setting Up The Adapters

As the name suggests, power line adapters are nothing but simple adapters that connect to the main modem at your place and help you extend your wired or even WiFi Internet connection depending on the model used. Most power line adapter kits include two adapters. One of these adapters plugs into your existing WiFi router or modem with the help of an Ethernet cable.

The second one would be placed in the area with poor WiFi reception of somewhere you want an extra port. By default, these two adapters function on their own WiFi network. This means that as soon as you walk away from the main WiFi router, you’ll have to switch the WiFi network from one of the main router to the one being broadcasted by this adapter. Something I agree upon is none of us here would want to do if we had the option to skip it, right? That is why you can change this to suit your need so you don’t have to switch WiFi networks every time.

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TP-Link Powerline Adapters

TP-Link, one of the biggest names when it comes to WiFi routers also is a pioneer in the field of power line adapters. On a typical TP-Link power line adapter with WiFi capabilities, you can change the settings to switch the router to broadcast the same signal as your main WiFi router. To do that, just click on the “WPS” button on your router and the “WiFi Clone” button in the second adapter. This will clone the new WiFi signal that the adapter is broadcasting to the existing signal bring broadcast by the WiFi router.

However, this method may seem to fail in the first few attempts. No need to worry though, there’s another slightly lengthy but 100% fail proof way of doing the same thing. You’ll just need to head to the website for the technical support of your power line adapter’s maker and download the utility for your adapter.

Resource: How To Extend Your WiFi Network With A Power Line Adapter.

TP-Link Download Center

This will let you change the WiFi settings for your adapter. You can then change the WiFi name and password for the adapters WiFi signal. Not only that, you can also choose to skip the WiFi adapter signal and instead choose to broadcast the same signal that your WiFi router is using.

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So we hope you were able to extend the WiFi signal in your home or your workplace with this tutorial. Leave any queries or suggestions in the comments below and stay tuned to get more useful tutorials.