How to Delete the Windows.Old Folder Step-by-Step Guide?

If you have been using windows since quite a bit of time, and have got updates fetched to you, you might be knowing about the ‘Windows.old’ folder. When you update a windows, the windows does keep an older version of the windows in the drive, named as ‘Windows.Old’.

What is Windows.Old Folder?

The Windows.old folder is huge.

Windows.old folder is basically o folder that you will find in your C Drive, or in the drive where the previous version of the windows was installed. It covers up a large amount of the disk space, and most likely you would never use it. But you might be thinking that if it is never used, why does the windows.old folder exists? Well read, keep reading on.

It is basically done so that, the user can restore the previous version of the windows, any time they need. But since it keeps an option to retrieve the previous version of the windows, the folder is quite heavy. And when one comes close to exhausting the disk space, the best option one thinks of is to clean the previous version of backup of windows. So by deleting the ‘Windows.old’ folder, once can free up decent amount of disk space. But it is not easy as it seems. When you try to delete the folder, the windows shows you an error, that you do not have the system access to do so. So here in this post we will have a look that how can we easily delete the ‘Windows.Old’ folder, which is a really simple process and won’t even take you more that 10-15 minutes to do so.

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Procedure to Delete the Windows.Old Folder


So let us begin with the procedure, and below are the steps that you need to follow so as to delete the Windows.Old folder easily without any errors, that you would face otherwise, if you try to delete it using the regular method.

Now type in the Windows search box, ‘Disk Cleanup’
A window named as Disk Cleanup would open up which would have many options.
Then click on ‘Cleanup System Files’.
Then give some time the tool to fetch the various system files that it can allow you to cleanup.
And then when the list appears, choose “Previous Windows installation(s).”
After selecting the above mentioned option, click on ‘OK’ to start the procedure.
After that the tool will begin the procedure and notify you when the process is complete.

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After the process is complete, restart the system, and it would be as good as before. This is how you can easily free up the disk space on the windows drive, by deleting the windows.old folder If you have any queries, or questions, do reach out to us by commenting below, and our team would get back to you as soon as possible.