MX Player Secret Features and Tricks September 2018

Top 3 Hidden Features of MX Player!

We all use MX Player for playing various kinds of Video formats or videos which doesn’t or has issues running on a normal smartphone video player. But most of the users just use the app, they don’t know the secret or hidden features of the app and what else it can do to enrich your video experience! So that’s what we are going to talk about in today’s video!

Change Theme!

Well even I didn’t knew this feature untill one of my friends said me about it. Actually I never noticed it. Yes! You can change the color scheme or as it says, theme with the choice of your color combination. You need to open settings from the app, then select the “theme” option at the top. And You Go!

Play Audios In background!

While we listen to a nice music in MX Player, we do have notifications incoming or any important message. At that time, if you don’t like that traditional style of video pausing while you press Home button, then this feature’s for you! Basically in general Mx player doesn’t allows you to background play music but this option is meant to change that statement.

Hide or Unhide Hidden Folders!

This one you definitely didn’t knew! You can actually view the hidden files on your smartphone or sd card on the MX Player or even you can hide files too. All you need to do is go to settings, then lists option and then select the folders option beneath the Scan criteria.

So, these were the top 3 main hidden features of the MX Player app. And we end our video here, do let us know in the comment sections if you are aware of any other hidden feature! Also, Like and Subscribe for more content like this! Talk to you guys in our next one, Peace out!

This post has been last updated on September 2018